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Solid Rock Retirement Strategies is proud to introduce a new and improved way to manage your 401K plan.

What You Don't Know

Top 10 Mistakes Employees Make with their 401K

We've talked with hundreds of people. These are the top ten reasons 401k's do not succeed.

  1. Not taking the time to attend to your plan because you are too busy.
  2. Not making wise investment choices due to lack of training.
  3. Not having the temperament to avoid panic when navigating difficult market cycles.
  4. Not being properly allocated.
  5. Being too heavily invested in company stock.
  6. Taking withdrawals prior to 59½.
  7. Leaving money in your plan after leaving your job or retiring if a better option is available.
  8. Having unrealistic expectations of performance that don’t match your recommended risk tolerance.
  9. Not contributing enough to maximize the match from your employer.
  10. Not taking advantage of the Self-Directed Option in your 401k plan, but not all plans offer the self-directed option.

If you're making these mistakes - we can help!